#306 Star(ry) Rosette Lichen (Physcia stellaris)

01 January 2021

Identification can (it is said) be “a challenge” … nevertheless, this lichen is found all over the continent; widespread and common. Usually on bark, more rarely on rock. This is a pioneer species that is frequently found on twigs and limbs.

Foliose, lobes without marginal cilia (though sometimes with rhizines projecting from the undersurface, lobe surfaces ± smooth or with faint white flecks (pseudocyphellae), centre of thallus often warted, a rather untidy look to the whole thallus, soralia absent; apothecia with brown to black, thinly pruinose discs, margins regular to somewhat irregular with small, swollen warts or lobes. Locally on twigs and bark, predominantly in the north and west.

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