#493 Grayish Fan-Foot (Zanclognatha pedipilalis)

11 July

A litter moth of the family Erebidae. The species was first described by Achille Guenée in 1854. It is found in eastern North America, from Nova Scotia south to Florida and Mississippi, west to Alberta and Kansas.

The wingspan is 24–30 millimetres (0.94–1.18 in). Adults are on wing from May to August. There is one generation in the north, with a partial second brood in Connecticut. There are two broods in Missouri and multiple generations in Florida. The larvae feed on dead leaves in deciduous woods.

2 Replies to “#493 Grayish Fan-Foot (Zanclognatha pedipilalis)”

  1. I love when the email arrives in my inbox announcing another species Richard. Thanks for each and every post.

    1. Hi Gary – good to hear you are enjoying these posts. Next weekend I hit the 500 species point and plan to slow down a bit (ie: not one per day but a bit more spaced out) while I start thinking about what it all means. Remarkable how many species are to be found in outer suburbia. Still pressing on towards 1000 though 🙂

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