2 Replies to “#497 Horseweed (Erigeron canadensis)”

  1. Interesting looking plant. I see over here it is called Canadian Fleabane. Any good as an attractor of insects Richard?

    1. Good question … we have several fleabanes in our garden and others growing in the area but (I just looked this up) there are 390 known species of fleabane worldwide and about 170 species in North America and I’m blowed if I know many by their fist name. My wife is the botanist and I defer to her in the naming of plants. Quite the opposite of an attractor of insects though I do see tiny creatures wandering on the flowers – apparently the name fleabane is a reference to an old (mistaken) belief that the plant repels fleas and other insects when bunches of dried fleabane are hung in a room or burned.

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